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Things for Couples To Do in Las Vegas

What can we do as a Couple in Las Vegas?

That's a question with many answers but without proper knowledge of Las Vegas happenings, it might be hard to make a decision. From tours, and casinos to world-class buffets and entertainment shows there are plenty of options for a young couple to explore while visiting Las Vegas.


Get Your Thrill, Ride Some Rides

An adrenaline rush can always bring a loving couple closer together. Climb to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and blast off in their top-of-the-world rides and face true excitement face-to-face! Hold each other tight and don't fall off! Check what they have to offer here:


Ghosts and Haunts - If You Dare

If thrills are your thing, why not try out some chills? Zak Baggans Haunted Museum is near Downtown Las Vegas and offers a once in a lifetime experience with a collection of famously haunted items. Get cursed by a possessed doll or explore the killing laboratory of a deranged doctor! Keep each other close and don't bring home a ghost! Check them out here:


Relax and Unwind - A Couple's Massage

If things are getting a bit to exciting, why not slow things down and spend some time together and away from all the bustling of the Las Vegas Strip. Indulge in a day built for two with body massage, aromatherapy showers and all-day pool access in your own private cabana. Include champagne and lunch and your day of relaxation is truly complete. Rated the best Couple's Spa in Las Vegas - Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club will be an undeniable treat. Check them out at:


World's Best Dinner: Bacchanal Buffet

Inside Caesar's Palace sits the most delectable world-class buffet. Every dish in their ever expansive and large buffet could stand alone as it's own high class dish at any 5-Star restaurant, but you get it all and as much as you want. From salads, dumplings, noodles and steak, even sliders and pizza, crab legs and soup. These are just your regular dishes but ones designed and prepared by world-class cooks for the masses that show up every day. You'll never find a better buffet! Find out more:


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