Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club

Getting Away, Staying Together

Sometimes you just need a break from the world.

The world can be a noisy place, especially here in Las Vegas and on the Strip. From the moment you wake up in the morning you're surrounding by hundreds of others rushing around trying to make their day happen. Your morning commute to work is filled with honking cars and planes flying overhead. At work you're taking calls, meetings at noon, excuses to your boss why you're too stressed to complete Form 189 and have it on his desk two hours ago. You get home and it's more phone calls: Mom needs you to fix her internet, your third cousin is asking to borrow money and you forgot to pick-up dinner. It's time for a vacation!

And you're off - finally some time away. You and your spouse pack of your things and take a trip - "How About Vegas?" you say and before you know you're there, staying at Caesars' Palace and ready to relax your mind. But then you realize all the other millions of people with the same stress and same idea of vacation that you had, and you're stuck there again in the stress and bustle of life. Will it ever end? Well, we're here to help.

Tucked away in pure privacy just moment from the Las Vegas Strip, our focus and aim is on escaping together to get away, if for only a day. We promise a day of peace where only beautiful music and the relaxed breathing of your loved one can be heard. You'll breathe fresh air carrying the most luxurious essential oils to ease your soul. Our aromatherapy showers will allow you to embrace each other in a world of only steam, scent and your love. Laying together in a private cabana next to the most peaceful and quiet resort pool will truly help you escape the crazed world we all live in. This is the day you've been looking for. This is the escape that you've tried so hard to find. This is the time for you and our invitation to a day of true peace has been extended.

Get away, stay together, find peace. Sacred Pools Spa is the place for couples, designed by a couple. This is the place for you.

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