Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club

Why We’ve Chosen Our Path

Finding a Spa who truly caters to Couple's is near impossible to find.

Throughout our many years of hot tubs, couple's massage, facials and steam rooms we have yet to find that spa that keeps my spouse and I together the entire time. First you're separated in different changing rooms, which if you're anything like my wife, takes at least 20 minutes to change. Next if you want to enjoy the steam rooms, showers and any other wet amenities, you're looking at another hour or two until you're back together. Finally you get to enjoy your body massage treatment and they have a room with two tables just now available so you've lucked out! It was always such a feat to enjoy a day that was spent truly together and we felt defeated and apart rather than together after our experiences.

This got us thinking, why not design an experience that never allows for separation and the entire time is spent together. It couldn't be hard right? And so we did. We wanted to bring an spa experience that was designed for couples by a couple. We wanted to give others the day of peace and relaxation, and most of all togetherness, that we've been searching so long for.

When we opened Sacred Pools Spa we had one goal on our minds: a day for one couple that focused all treatments and time on them. We wanted to provide the amazing experience of a couple's massage and allow the two to feel the same flow of energy that moved through their bodies while they lay side-by-side indulging in the same aromas from the most luxurious essential oils. A sensation that is not obtainable anywhere else and must be designed with perfection in mind delivers a day that our couple will never forget.

But we didn't want to end there with only body treatment, we wanted them to connect even further through aroma and steam therapy, to clear their minds and rinse their souls. Joining together in their own personal aromatherapy steam shower room while sipping champagne was to be our method to bring our couple closer in mind and body. They would envelope in a steamy mist of pure bliss where only the one they loved was in sight. No distractions, just each other.

The idea was perfect and we found the most gorgeous location in Las Vegas at the Serene Hotel and Resort. Located directly off the pool in a private spa suite, we serve lunch to our couples in private cabanas and daybeds, while providing all-day poolside service included in the experience. Together they enjoy the sun, soak in our Sacred Pools and never miss a moment together. A dream of ours come true and continues to this day.

This is why we chose our path.

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