Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club

Reasons Why We’re Right For You

When you think of Las Vegas, Relaxation isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. With so many options for binge eating madness and fancy dinners, Cirque and shows galore, nightclubs open all night, family themed arcades and amusement parks there is just so much action going on non stop how do you choose to make time to relax. First you need to know you have the option. At Sacred Pools Spa we deliver that option and more. Many casinos have spas but they are much less affordable and do not keep the couple together the whole time which is part of our philosophy to having a fulfilling experience built for two. Our experience can be shared 365 days a year, with special arrangements for off the clock hours, as a birthday or anniversary gift, a gift to a friend or love one (ask us about gift certificates!) or as an occasion to celebrate a day of romance or friendship together  . Today is yours!


Often people come to Vegas as a whole family and we think its time to let the Grandparents, aunties and uncles take over and do the babysitting and take a couple hours from the frantic Strip to enjoy some romantic moments together. We can help you plan and time out your couples massages or couples day spa packages so you have just enough time to rejuvenate and get back on your feet and ready to go some more. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions about packages and services. They are available by phone or email 24/7 to keep up with Vegas hours. Our therapists will uncover what the right treatment modality for your current condition is and the best way to work your body and muscles so you meet your goals with what you really want in a special massage for you and yours with individualized treatment plan. If you aren’t sure what exactly you are looking for, that’s okay, they are here to gently guide and inform you. After all, our therapists are hand selected for their excellent experience and world renowned training.


Coming as a couple or group of friends can be equally taxing and if you only have one weekend, there is an awful lot to do and not a lot of time. That’s why we have flexible hours, if you know you are going to sleep in you can reserve a later time slot, if you’d prefer an evening treatment right before the casinos start calling your name that works too! If you came with a group or friends you can all book together and get a top notch cabana, bring your own booze and have the whole day to yourself complete with couples massages and an aromatherapy steam shower, light lunch and champagne before hitting The Strip for another night on the town. Our Aromatherapy Shower is a great way to detox after a long Vegas night. We use essential oils from Eucalyptus to invigorate the senses, clear any congestion from the dry desert weather, and detoxify your system to take in another fun filled day and night.


Just because you’re in Sin City doesn’t mean you can’t afford to take a little time to yourselves to be together and appreciate every moment of your vacation and add a little luxury pampering like a cherry on top. A little distance from the main attractions makes you appreciate it even more, think more about the best ways to enjoy your vacation together and recuperate for another round of Only-In-Vegas style entertainment. No where else in the city can you find a similar experience to what we offer at Sacred Pools Spa. We have the Serene Resorts relaxed pool and hot tub, affordable year round cabana rentals to savor the sun and take in each other in bliss, and side by side couples massages by world class therapists custom tailored for you. We are the only spa with a coed theme that stays consistent throughout the entire experience. We want every couple that comes in to remember that they can always find a way to reconnect and recharge and spend time focused on each other, appreciating every moment together. It’s all about the little ways you can create long lasting cherished memories of your vacation that will keep you coming back to relive the joy of that first vacation to Vegas and keeping you coming for more again and again.

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