Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club

Stratosphere Partnership

Sacred Pools Las Vegas

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us the amazing Strat property. Please know that we are committed to Golden Entertainment.

We’ve enclosed background material on our rise in Las Vegas and the value we can add to Golden Entertainment for a long term relationship. We only want to improve on and build up with Golden Entertainment; meeting goals and our relationship being malleable to your corporate needs.

Sacred Pools Spa at The Strat

A Spa at The Strat and an income generating Resort Pool will easily translate into more revenue for Golden Entertainment. We have been offered space at other properties such as Silver Sevens and some high end locations on the Strip that we cant disclose, but our target is to be with Golden Entertainment because of your growth and recognition of an exceptional corporate staff and your intimate knowledge for many years at Reno, Laughlin and Vegas’ properties.

Our target audiences and businesses with our Couples Day Club and Pool Club integrates both assets of hotel room sales, longer stays in casinos for Strat occupancy and food and beverage services. Income for the Strat bringing in high caliber consumers who might not be aware of the Strats’ superior product. Our promise of income to Golden Entertainment is multi faceted. We have long term goals for a successful future and the terms and conditions and final say in all of our products on this property. Our desire is also to enhance the Laughlin properties with a fully functional Spa; which is very desired as there is little if any competition for that in that market.

We do hope this season brings healing comfort and strength.  Perhaps we did not explain well enough. We would our assign energies and monies to enhancing the areas of Strat that we would promote. 

Capital improvements would include making that reception area of the Mall area super upscale with Asian Antiques from our collections and a build out so that it truly stands out. With permission we would remodel a cabana room at the pool with furnishings etc.  A dollar amount could not be assigned but if you were to give us a sense of what you are thinking of we could go from there. Our goal is something super upscale luxury, not just another treatment room.

We are also very interested in the top pool. You can assign a value amount to us if Strat were to keep 75 percent of all beverage sales. We are aware all things will be successful and are ready to invest to ascertain the goals you are seeking.

The reason we keep pushing is also because the marketing ramp up time is 30 days we would not think we could make a contract and just walk in and operate without bringing a grand entry into fruition. Please let me know your thoughts.

We do want to rent the upper pool for an adults only pool and take 45 percent of the revenue and only 10 percent of your beverage sales.

Our current assets are over $500,000

Our Plan

We propose a monthly rental of $1500 for the two room Cabana indoor/ outdoor suite to begin the Spa known as Sacred Pools, and our ‘couples’ concept of a day or evening with Sacred Pools  (known here as SP). With this we would also ask for two cabanas to be available for SP to rent to our guests. If additional cabanas (more than two) are rented SP will let our The Strat contact or coordinator know and a price will be set prior.

We propose to enhance the Spa entrance and main the facility as a first class tier facility and that frontage at $1000 per month. If the Strat will enter an agreement where by they send the Sacred Pools Spa customers with comps for spa services that will be reimbursed we world be willing to pay $2000 for this.

Our Numbers

We would expect as a baseline scenario:

15 couples per week at $249 per couple offering them light spa lunch and recreational facilities at the pool

If the hotel will work with us on their customers utilizing our spa services and reimbursements to us  this could up to 30 couples per week at high point

We would charge admission to others for use of the pool.

Company Background

Sacred Pools Spa is a forward thinking health and wellness oriented business. Our spa has marched along the strong industry of day spa and massage, but takes ten steps ahead by focusing on a niche demographic that encompasses more than 3/4 the entire market. Providing specialized and custom services for couples, our area of marketing is razor sharp and draws in a fantastic flow of ready to buy customers.

Business Overview

Sacred Pools Spa offers, at base, two levels of service with 2 to 3 variations into each package. A 50 or 90 minute couples massage customizable with a few simple choices of add-ons, including hot stones, steam towels, aromatherapy and body scrubs.

Every package includes a simple, yet elegant lunch, and access to the pool facilities for the day. Packages for single clients are available at a lesser rate. Through an experience we deem luxurious, the spa and experience add an immense value allowing for a generous increase in our rates.

Overall our services on average last from 90 minutes to 3 hours with lunch and pool time adding an average of another 3 hours.

Our Goals

Sacred Pools Spa brings with it a way of life. We promote peace and togetherness while bringing along that spark of sex appeal. Our clients exude a positive energy that, around other guests, promote consistency in repeat business.

  • Draw in a high class, big spending clientele that will stay and spend more at the resort.
  • Attract medium to large events that will utilize both spa and hotel services and amenities.
  • Attract medium to large events that will utilize both spa and hotel services and amenities.
  • Develop a reputation that will be relatable to all types of guests, thus increasing spa and hotel revenues across a variety medians.

Scope of Work

Sacred Pools Spa can be functional with limited space, but can also flourish given the right location. Our services and our theme will do its best with a few key ingredients.

  • 1000sqft-1300sqft indoor space for massage and spa services.
  • 300sqft-500sqft outdoor space for lunch and lounging.
  • Close proximity to pool facilities.
  • Close proximity to restroom facilities.

Target Deliverable Schedule

Our spa can be functional within a reasonable amount of time giving space is available. Our massage and spa area can be constructed with simple partitions to separate the treatment areas. All other equipment decorations and furniture already are purchased and prepared though we can make adjustments if so requested by the hotel.  

Upon release of the location to the spa project a fully functional opening within a weeks time